We Care Adult Care Supports Caretakers As Well As Members

Max and Muriel were married for more than 60 years when he noticed her forgetfulness was more than occasional. She asked him to drive her to places she had visited every week for decades. Once fastidious, she was now casual about her hygiene. She needed help to make decisions, and she could not be left alone. Dementia was taking away the wife that Max loved and while he still  enjoyed going to his office a few days a week, that would have to take a backseat to Muriel’s care. She would not hear of an aide in her home. The stress of caring for Muriel was taking its toll on  Max, and his health was suddenly in jeopardy, including a bout of pneumonia.

Relief arrived in the form of We Care Adult Care, the quality adult day care center conveniently located in Union  Square Mall, Route 35, in Middletown, NJ.

“Max and Muriel’s story is not uncommon,” said Tracey Wolfman, Administrator of We Care Adult Care. “Whether it is the spouse, sibling or children of an  adult needing care, the challenges are emotional, financial and logistical. Whether chronically ill, suffering from dementia or other limitations, our members receive patience and kindness from our knowledgeable and compassionate staff. While we care for your loved one, you are free to work, shop or pursue your own interests without concern.

“Not everyone is suitable for or able to   afford full-time home or institutional care,” noted Wolfman, a Middletown resident and a registered nurse with a Masters in nursing administration. “We provide an alternate resource of care and  respite. Our society understands the importance of day care for our toddlers and puppies, well, our senior citizens can benefit with a similar approach, maintaining their quality of life with  stimulating activities, nutritious gourmet meals, nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and social services to name a few.

Max was able to recover from his illness, return to work a  few days a week and feel confident that Muriel was in good hands at We Care Adult Care. He also addressed his concerns and questions by joining a We Care Adult Care support group for  caretakers.

At We Care Adult Care, a staff of experienced, compassionate professionals including, the Registered Nurse who is present to check blood pressure, sugar levels and weight, as well as administrator medication, work in conjunction with the member’s physician. The Social Worker assists members and their families with financial assistance through grants, accessing  community resources, assessing members and organizing support groups for their caretakers.

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