Are You Trying To MANAGE A MAZE As A Caregiver?

We Care Adult Care is ready to help!

Tracey WolfmanIf the answer is yes, you are one of many caregivers facing this role today. It is one of the most challenging of life transitions facing adult children as they are hurled into the role of caregiver for an elderly parent, and or spouse, particularly one with a condition like Alzheimer’s disease. It is a complete shift in mindset and role reversal for adult children and or spouses facing this challenge. How this loved one is cared for is just one of the many decisions adult children must make.

We Care Medical Adult Day Care takes great pride in the outstanding services we provide our members and their caregivers. Caring for the elderly, people with dementia and chronic illness takes knowledge, patience, and kindness. Being a caregiver is a full time job and can
be overwhelming. Getting help to care for a loved one can provide caregivers with a much needed break. We Care Medical Adult Day Care does just that! With an outstanding staff of professionals caring for their loved one, caregivers can have confidence they are receiving the best possible care. Our Team at “We Care” has always been our best asset.

We Care Adult Care is an alternative resource of care and respite! The cost is about half the price of home care based on an hourly rate. We Care Adult Care has many alternative options to pay for services, including many grants that are available to those that qualify. Listed below are some options;

Long-Term Care Insurance- Many policies offer coverage for adult day care centers.
Alzheimer’s New Jersey- offers $1,000 non-income based reimbursement to individuals attending an adult day care program for memoryrelated disorders.

Medicare Waiver Program, maximum income limit is $3,581 a month and liquid assets of $40,000 or less for an individual or $60,000 or less for a couple.

State Wide Respite Program – Have income below $2,163 per month for single, ($4,326 for couples). Have liquid assets of less than $40,000 /$60,000 for couples.

Medicaid- Provides funding for people who are m e dically eligible.

We Care Adult Care offers assistance and guidance to obtain grants. Feel free to stop in and see why “We Care” makes the difference! Your loved one will enjoy a Quality of Life environment that provides Stimulating Activities, Nutritious Gourmet Meals, Nursing Care, Physical & Occupational Therapy, Social Service needs, and much more.

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