What Is Adult Day Care?

We Care Adult Care, Inc.The need for alternative care for the aging is 70 million more elderly will be present by 2030 and they will need services for themselves as well as respite for those caring for them.

Caregivers are receiving increased attention as a group whose needs are finally being identified. Consumer demand is increasing for flexible and affordable community-based care as options to institutional care. Adult Day Care is the ideal choice for all inclusive care and affordability during the day.

Adult Day Care Centers provide a structured, comprehensive program in a protective setting. Members go in the morning and return home at the end of the day. Besides providing a therapeutic environment for the member in need, Adult Day Care Centers offer family relief from the burden of care giving. It allows those caregivers who work to continue to care for their loved one and provides a much-needed break for the nonworking caregiver.

Financing for such services was fragmented, but has improved with many state and federal programs started to supplement the cost. Medicare waiver programs, Medicaid, Social Service Block Grants under the Older Americans Act, local Veterans Affairs (VA) grants, Long-Term Care Insurance, and Alzheimer’s Grants are a few of the current sources to fund Adult Day Care. Integrating Adult Day Care into the lives of both the  member and the caregiver is an adjustment. It is often facilitated by family caregiver encouragement and facility staff assistance. Most families and members adjust within a few weeks. The structured routine of attending Adult Day Care Centers often helps the member from deteriorating both mentally & physically.

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